TexAu Glossary

TexAu Glossary

This guide contains all the basic the terms we use on our platform with their meanings. TexAu deals with many social, sales and marketing platform so we will keep updating this post with all the terms we use on our platform as the new services and tool come up. We highly recommend you to bookmark this page. πŸ™πŸ»

What is TexAu?

TexAu is a mixture of two words β€” Text and Automation. Before developing our product we used to do chatbot and AI consultancy, building chatbots and automation tools for companies and businesses. Now we are a lead generation, sales and marketing engine for all the growing companies, we thought about changing the name but we felt it is too much work, deciding name, finding domain, social media usernames etc so we sticked to TexAu. In the end, product we build matters and brand name comes with it, we are focused on creating a great product β€” TexAu. 😊


  • Spices are basically a single atomic automation scripts.
  • Spice will do some specific task and get back to you with the result.
  • Some examples of Spices are β€” Scrapping all the LinkedIn Connections, Pulling all the followers from an Instagram profile or Sending a message to a list of Users or a single user.
  • We have around 35 Spices and we are constantly improving and adding new spices. πŸ™‚


  • Limit is the count of total number of profiles / followers / connections it can scrape.
  • Each script has a limit on total number of requests you can make.
  • We have added this numbers as limitations because we don’t want any user to scrape too many details in a single run β€” it may lead to blocking or banning of the account.


  • Limitations are description of what a spice can do and what it can not do.
  • Some Spices may contain some specific limitations and it will be mentioned on the spice page.


  • Cookies are string of alphanumeric characters which is sent by the websites to browser when a user visits that website.
  • Cookies act your identification card for that website.
  • TexAu uses cookies to authenticate to websites.
  • Read more about cookies here: https://kb.iu.edu/d/agwm


  • TexAu Recipes are a mixture of different spices to automate some process.
  • TexAu Recipe is a powerful tool to automate a set of tasks which are depending on different spices or scripts.

For example: Consider you want to send an email to all your connections who are working as a Marketing person for a company. Here multiple spices are involved.

  • Pull all the LinkedIn Connection
  • Filter connection with Marketing as a current role
  • Filter email from the pulled connection
  • Send email to all the given email addresses. -These are different spices which can be mixed to automate a process, we call this TexAu Recipes. πŸ™‚


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